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Atlantic Beach Kite Festival

  The XXX Annual Carolina Kite Fest, hosted by KITES UNLIMITED, is Oct 28th & 29th along the beach strand in front of the Sands Villa Resort in Atlantic Beach. Join us for a fun time flying kites of all types. Remember there is no vending so get your kites early at KITES UNLIMITED and bring lunch or use the restaurant at the Sands.

NC Seafood Festival is ON!!

Don't miss the NC Seafood Festival this year!! October 4-6th is the weekend. is the website to check out all music, food, and events that are going to happening during the weekend.

Rip Current Safety Tips

Bamboo Flooring

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Air Filters

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Realty World International Convention

Elaine and Llew both received the President's Elite award for the year 2018 in San Antonio.




Thanks to our Coast Guard

Fat Fallas and Realty World First Coast Realty thanks our Coast Guard for there support of our country

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